A Yogi summer in southern Morocco

What if the serenity was not at the end of the world but in a hammock in Ksar Massa? This is what the yogis (aged 7 to 77) experienced from July 21 to August 21 in this magical place selected by Love Air Yoga.

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Wellbeing camp, Yacht club of Monaco

During a weekend and a wellbeing camp, the members of the Monaco Yacht Club were able to taste the joys of weightlessness and reconnect the body..

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How does an Aerial Yoga class take place?

How does an Air Yoga class work? One session lasts an average of 1 hour. We start with a phase of refocusing and deep breathing that allows us ..

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Overview of our yoga retreats 2018

What’s better than a yoga retreat to breathe, meditate, undo points of tension in the body and anchor yourself in the present moment? You do not have to be an experienced yogi to do it …

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Letting go

It is to accept, what is happening, to accept the other with his/her differences, without wanting him/her, as you are or as you would like him/her to be, to love without binding identifying, enslaving.

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