Our Philosophy…

Make yoga more fun thanks to the hammock and its benefits accessible to all.

Aerial yoga is a meeting with yourself to develop body awareness and improve the connection between body and mind. Each movement is made in consciousness and linked to breathing. This bodily awareness of “here and now” allows you to return to yourself, to the basics.

Once the mind is relaxed and alert, three wonderful sensations naturally manifest: Calmness, Clarity and Happiness.

Happy Yogis

Happiness can be learned…
yoga can be the instrument.

Luxury Retreat

We organize yoga retreats in magical places that we take care to select

All inclusive

Our Crédo: offer you total care so that you will think only of yourself during this enchanted parenthesis

The safety, health and well being of our yogis is our priority.

Even if the distances that separate us may seem greater than ever Loving aerial yoga to make you dream and inspire you In the meantime, take care of yourself, we overcome the test of confinement together and we meet again soon!

Yoga LifeStyle

Wellbeing camp, Yacht club of Monaco

During a weekend and a wellbeing camp, the members of the Monaco Yacht Club were able to taste the joys of weightlessness and reconnect the body..

How does an Aerial Yoga class take place?

How does an Air Yoga class work? One session lasts an average of 1 hour. We start with a phase of refocusing and deep breathing that allows us ..

Overview of our yoga retreats 2018

What’s better than a yoga retreat to breathe, meditate, undo points of tension in the body and anchor yourself in the present moment? You do not have to be an experienced yogi to do it …

Tempted by an Aerial Yoga class or retreat?

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