Retreats Yoga Aerial With LOVEAIRYOGA
Ksar Massa/South part of Morocco

What’s better than a yoga retreat to breathe, meditate, undo points of tension in the body and anchor yourself in the present moment? You do not have to be an experienced yogi to do it …The year 2018 was full of experiences and sharing around different retreats designed as timeless parables to do good in depth …Loveairyoga has offered stays ranging from a weekend to several days to do good and reconnect with oneself (Harmonization of chakras in the beautiful setting of Ksar Massa/Agadir) or his child (family yoga retreat) or at the nature (in Terre Essentielle/casablanca).

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Each of these retreats allowed the participants to experience more lightness and serenity, allowing them to feel more rested but also more energized and invigorated.So if your heart calls you to live the adventure of yoga otherwise, do not hesitate to join us … in our hammocks!