Aerial Yoga

Air Yoga, Air Yoga or Air Yogalates is a method that merges yoga pilates with dance and aerial arts.

This method is suitable for all ages and can vary in intensity depending on the level. It respects the limitations of the bodies of individuals and allows progress in the realization of yoga postures.

A progressive technique that not only promotes the release of toxins and blockages but restores balance energy and body alignment. A practice that soothes the mind …

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Aerial Yoga classes

A surprising journey with yourself and to self-awareness begins..

Location: Casablanca


Terre Essentielle Weekends

Well-being and happiness: it takes little to be happy!

Location: Dar Bouazza


Retreats in Ksar Massa

The awakening to joy, let yourself live, rocked by a wild nature..

Location: South Agadir

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