As soon as you start an aerial yoga class a surprising journey with yourself begins…

A course respects three fundamental principles :

– Postural work that acts on the muscles and ligaments thanks to a slow and gentle stretch, attenuating stiffness and pain. The aerial yoga makes it possible to tone the muscles and improves the consciousness that one has of one’s body.
– Breathing, because maintaining proper breathing throughout the activity focuses thoughts and helps to focus. As a result, the muscles are better supplied with oxygen, lactic acid is eliminated more quickly from the tissues and the heart rate is lowered.
– Meditation or deep relaxation that aims to clear the mind of the tensions and worries of everyday life. It reduces anxiety and increases the feeling of well-being.

In aerial yoga, the various exercises, especially those practiced in weightlessness, put the body in imbalance and thus work all the muscles without beating the joints. The whole of the muscles being solicited, the benefits are thus multiple. Especially for people with back problems.

Aerial yoga will also help to tense the muscles close to the vertebral column and therefore strengthen the abdominal belt. And the benefits do not stop there …

As sessions progress, physical well-being is also felt.

Finally, aerial yoga with meditation and relaxation, tensions and stress are evacuated at the end of each session.


Where to find us for an Air Yoga class :

Yoga Spaces in Casablanca

-At OM Yoga Casablanca : Tuesday 10am, Thursday 10am and 6:30pm, Friday 5pm
-At YogaShala : Thursday 12:30am

Contact us for

Private lessons / In company
on request to:

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