Well-being and happiness: it takes little to be happy!

An aerial yoga retreat is an enchanted moment that you offer yourself to let go and reconnect to yourself. At Terre Essential, we offer weekends (or longer stays) in lush greenery just a few kilometers from Casablanca.

Imagine a nursery nestled in nature, visualize its greenery, its tranquility and energy that emerges …

Hang hammocks in this enchanted place and you will have the idyllic setting for aerial yoga practice.

For two days, you will discover a new discipline or take your practice to another level, you will give yourself a moment to relax and live an experience to get to know you better … you will breathe and relax in the middle of a nature lush and last but not least, you will meet new people …

Our retreats do not require prior experience in yoga or other physical activities.


Where to find us for an Aerial Yoga Weekend :

Where to find us ?

Your yoga weekend take place in Dar Bouazza at Terre Essentielle.
Read our article about it !

Where to stay ?

Accommodation: Terre Essential offers charming rooms within the nursery.

Reach us for

Your business incentives or for private yogi weekends at

Yoga Life Style

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How does an Aerial Yoga class take place?

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Letting go

It is to accept, what is happening, to accept the other with his/her differences, without wanting him/her, as you are or as you would like him/her to be, to love without binding identifying, enslaving.

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