The 1st Chakra is : Muladhara chakra

Its meaning is “root”

It is at the level of the perineum and the first 3 vertebraes.

Seat of our primordial and sexual energy, it is the center of vital and essential needs such as food and shelter. Driven by a desire for security, it crystallizes the relationship to reality, the force of action and concretization as well as the desire for anchorage and trust.

Stability and solidarity with the earth, it’s emotions are: attachment, possessiveness, stability.

The 2nd Chakra : Svadhisthana chakra

Its meaning is “residence of the self”

It is located in the genital and urinary organs.

Seat of inspiration, imagination, memories of the personal and collective unconscious, it represents the values of belonging to a family or a community.

Its emotions: affection, sweetness, creativity.

Going together with a desire for procreation, primal instincts, the purification of this chakra allows the human being to go beyond his animal nature.

The 3rd Chakra : Manipura chakra

Its meaning, “the residence of jewels”, being in the solar plexus.

Seat of the capacity to assimilate and transform, it supervises the conditions of digestion and it is the place of inner fire and vitality.

Anger, fear, ego, pride, combativeness are it’s emotions. It represents the desire for longevity.

The 4th Chakra : Anahata chakra

Meaning: “unbeaten”, impulsion of the universe.

Located in the thorax, it’s the seat of unconditional love, governor of the heart and lungs.

Its energy flows in the arms, it’s emotions are love and hatred.

It creates the balance between the three chakras below and the three chakras above.

The 5th Chakra : Visshuddhi chakra

Its meaning is “pure”, and it is located at the level of the throat.

Governs the ENT sphere and the health of all organs, it serves as a report to speech and silence and represents the desire for knowledge.

It is the passage from the purification of energy, from the density of the lower chakras to the subtle quality of the highest chakras.

The 6th Chakra : Ajna chakra

Its meaning: “authority, command, unlimited power”. it is also called “3rd eye”.

Its location is in the center of the brain, the pineal gland.

It concerns mental abilities, intelligence, memory, concentration.

Force of creation of the life by thoughts, bridge between the physical body and the psychic level, it is at the door of the intuition and the inner look, the center of clairvoyance, telepathy and other higher abilities. Its desire is the realization of the self.

The 7th Chakra : Sahasrara chakra

Meaning: “1000 petals”. Also called “shunya” (emptiness, nothing), it is considered as a door to the universal and divine knowledge.

It is in the top of the skull, the fontanel that one locates this chakra.

Il représente le plan de la vérité et de la réalité. Son désir ? Union avec le « Un ».

Energy, chakras, nadis, how does it work ?

In Yoga the energy called “prana” is the electricity contained in the air. Prana permeates all that is alive: the mammals absorb it while breathing, the plants transform it by photosynthesis. Prana circulates in our body through a network of 72,000 channels called “nadis”. They start in tree form from our central sushumna column, and go far beyond the limits of the physical body. Two main channels, “ida” and “pingala”, intersect spirally along sushumna.

When these nadis cross, they produce a concentration of energy, like a crossroad, which is called “chakra” (“wheel”). The chakras receive energy, concentrate and diffuse it, like small factories of creation, transformation and distribution! There are dozens of those nadis, but there are 7 main that correspond to the 7 main glands of the endocrine system. In traditional Indian imagery, the chakra is represented by a lotus flower. The further up the column, the more petals the flower has. Each chakra has its characteristics and corresponds to a specific color, element as well as specific physical and emotional functions.

Each person has certain nadis and chakras more or less developed and strong, which creates different personalities. Since yoga invites you to take control of your life through some exercises, you will be able to play with your structure to become more patient, less jealous or more creative for example !The influence of chakras on the health of the physical body is explained by the fact that energy vibrates at a higher frequency than substance.Circulatory disorders in nadis, often due to psychological disorders, result in disorders of circulation in the physical body, leading to diseases.These disorders can create either the narrowing or enlargement of the chakras or the slowing or increase of their speed of rotation, with a decrease of activity of the organs. All of that working as source of physical and emotional imbalances.