Air Yoga Retreat Location: Ksar Massa

You who come to share our blonde light and sit at the feast of changing horizons, enter only with your heart, bring nothing of the world, and do not tell what people say» E. Rostand

This quote by Edmond Rostand also inscribed at the entrance of Ksar Massa is only a prelude to this piece of paradise played on the edge of the Moroccan Atlantic Ocean.

A haven of peace nestled on a cliff of dunes where time is suspended. Ksar Massa, this ochre house with the air of Mexican hacienda awaits the traveler who has come to combine, communion with nature and well-being. Suspended between the sky and the sea, where his gaze will turn, he will meet only beauty and wonder.

Here, time is reserved exclusively for contemplation, calm and serenity. In Ksar Massa, we let ourselves live, lulled by a wild nature and a slow rhythm and remember that here yoga rhymes with Massa.

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