Air yoga retreat in southern Morocco

« Harmonization of chakras » : Ksar Massa from 9th to 14th November


A yoga retreat is a journey within yourself. Whether you’re a beginner, a practitioner or just curious to get started, the benefits are multiple…

Ksar Massa, this haven of peace nestled at the top of the dunes, has provided us with an environment conducive to meditation and a subtle work on our chakras.

During this retreat we used hammocks to explore the benefits of acupressure on the body and we worked on the meridians that roam our body.

Our chakras were in the spotlight. These “spiritual centres” or “junctions of energy channels” were no longer secret to all participants. And, at the end of this stay, calm, peace and serenity were at the meeting.

Beginners or Yogis We have had, together, beautiful moments of communion.